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EditingEvery writer needs an editor! Send your finished manuscript to Asta today for our professional editing services.

Your book is important to you; you've put tremendous effort into your manuscript and have a great vision for it. You want to know that your manuscript is in the hands of those who want your book to succeed as much as you do. Here at Asta, we are dedicated to ensuring that our authors have the support they need to produce the best work they possibly can.

Our editors provide services at all levels-from the rough draft that needs extra attention to a polished piece that only requires a final edit. We can give feedback on the overall organization of the book, check facts and search for plot holes, aid with character development, and confirm that your ideas are clear. We also study sentence structure, word choice, and paragraph development, and look for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

On the road to publishing, editors are invaluable assistants. Call (800) 482-7190 and enlist the support of experienced professionals.

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