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Asta Publications specializes in genres that motivate, educate, empower, and inspire.


As a business owner one of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority is to write and publish a book. Whether you are the owner of a cupcake shop, daycare center, or restaurant; a business or life coach; or marketing a company, you want differentiation and a competitive advantage over your competitors. If you want consumers to trust you for advice and product recommendations, you need to publish your own book. Our authors have gained additional exposure to their target audiences and increased their client base.



People love to read about experiences they can relate to and solutions for getting ahead, overcoming, and living a fulfilled life. As the author of a self-help book, you will be able to develop a platform that extends beyond your book. Our authors have published a significant number of titles with the assistance of our professional team. In addition, our authors obtained new opportunities, expanded their audiences, and obtained more paid speaking engagements as a result of being published.



Inspirational and religious books inspire, empower, educate, renew, transform, enrich, and change people through uplifting stories, spiritual writing, and positive and enlightened messages. People read inspirational and religious stories to find out how to solve their own problems, make decisions, and gain a better understanding and/or connection with God. Our authors have written books that have helped readers make decisions regarding relationships career moves, and navigating life stages, all from a Biblical perspective.



Our children and young adult books address important themes and concepts in early childhood, from colors, counting, shapes, and letter sounds; to religion, bullying, divorce, grieving, illness, separation, loss, and much more. Our experienced and creative team of designers and illustrators create illustrations that are pleasing to the eye and accurate to your plot, characters, and settings. Our selection includes realistic, impressionistic, expressionistic, abstract, primitive, and surrealistic illustration styles.

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